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2018 Autumn competition

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From Saturday 1 July we are implementing new supervision rules, in order to keep up with the latest best practice in the climbing industry. See the poster below for details.
The key changes are:
  • The supervising member must remain on the ground - i.e. you may NOT climb or boulder while supervising a guest or guests.
  • Guest climbers must not belay, unless their supervising member is backing up the dead rope. So if you want to teach a guest to belay, you must come with a third person to be the climber.
  • One on the wall for bouldering - if you have two guests, only one may be on the bouldering wall at a time.
  • We have defined exactly what we mean by 'close supervision' - please read this carefully.

You will need to complete new supervision forms from 1 July, so please allow extra time for this.


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