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2018 Autumn competition

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2018 Competition Winners

Well done and thank you to everyone who took part in our 2018 autumn competition. Standards were, as usual, high. The list of winners follows...

(more pictures here)

Full competition scores and rankings (opens in new window).

Eliminator Lead

Callum McNeice (male)

Erin McNeice (female)

Eliminator Bouldering

Remy (male)

Harriet Shepherd (female)

Eliminator 14-17 (Bouldering)

Iona Tait

Eliminator under 14 (Bouldering)

Hannah Hirson

  1. Charley Cooley (hard)
  2. Helen Price (medium)
  3. Alexey Zagorodniy (easy)
  1. Remy Bertlin (hard)
  2. Anna Clarke (medium)
  3. Rhonda Trevillion (easy)
  1. Ben Eady (hard)
  2. Gary Ward (medium)
  3. Raj Ray (easy)

14-17 year olds, Lead

Callum McNeice (male)

Erin McNeice (female)

14-17 year olds, Top-rope

Seb Welch (male)

Erin McNeice (female)

14-17 year olds, Bouldering

Kris Kothari (male)

Ella Davidson, Erin McNeice (female)

Under 14, Lead

Joss Nind (male)

Daisy Smith, Ella Marshall, Iris Utley (female)

Under 14, Top-rope

Cameron Kemp, Tom Steele (male)

Lia Perna (female)

Under 14, Bouldering

Coleman Kierran-Clarke (male)

Lia Perna (female)

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