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Private group (5 or more people)

Climbing in a group supervised by an instructor

1.5 hour session

A bit of fun working through challenges, playing games and climbing with your friends, or a serious workout - it's whatever you want.

The session is tailored to the ability of the people in the group - no previous climbing experience is necessary.

One instructor supervises up to 6 people in a group... So a group of 7-12 participants needs 2 instructors - and so on.

Can include a mix of children and adults (minimum age 7). If the entire group is under the age of 18, please check out our childrens party page.

£150 per 6 participants

(includes all equipment)

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Fancy a bite after (or before) your session? The onsite cafe serves fresh food, snacks, cakes, espresso coffee, a selection of teas and cold drinks. If you're turning up as a group, to save time you might wish to pre-order via the Rosielees cafe page.


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