standard entry

Before you can climb at The Reach you will need to register your details for a one off fee of £5, if you are an experienced climber save time and do this online. If this is your first time climbing, we can book you in for an introduction straight away!
One-off registration fee of £5


Adult: £10 (£8 off-peak, Mon-Fri, before 4pm)
BMC discount: £9 (£8 off-peak, Mon-Fri, before 4pm)
Services discount: £7.50
Concession: £6
Junior: £6
Must be signed in by a registered adult

guest entry

Adult: £12 (£10 off-peak, Mon-Fri, before 4pm)
Under 18: £6
Guests must be supervised by a registered adult member. Maximum of 2 guests per adult member. There is no entry fee for a supervising member, since they cannot leave the floor.


Not having your own equipment isn't a problem. We have everything you will need to enjoy your climbing session.

  • Harness: £2.50
  • Padded harness: £3.50
  • Climbing shoes: £3
  • Belay & karabiner: £1.50
  • Chalk bag: £1

Most lockers are operated with a £1 coin (which you get back at the end). Keys for the larger lockers are available from reception - we take your car or house key as a deposit. You will be charged for lost keys.

Are you ready?


We have many lessons to suit beginners all the way to experienced climbers. Find out more which lesson best suits your needs.