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Please note:

For safety, under 18s cannot enter The Reach unless they are climbing under the supervision of an instructor or member. Please do not bring any other children (to watch, or to use the cafe, etc.).

Non-climbing adults are not allowed in the climbing areas, but are welcome to use the cafe.


Bringing an U18 guest

Here's what you need to know...

At The Reach, anyone may climb under the close supervision of an experienced adult climber who is registered with us - here's how to register

Close supervision (of a guest climber) means AT ALL TIMES:
  • Being in their immediate area, within sight and within a few metres
  • Paying close attention to them, so that you can step in verbally and/or physically to assist them when necessary
  • The supervising member must remain on the ground at all times.

If you, the adult, are not an experienced climber, or your knowledge is a bit rusty, you will need to book (in advance) an instructed session with us – so please don’t just turn up! You can either book a lesson for yourself, to give you the skills to supervise your own children; or you can book your child directly onto a session supervised by an instructor. Scroll down for the relevant buttons.

To supervise children yourself, you must be 18 or over, but there is no minimum (or maximum) age for the guests you can supervise.

Any one member may supervise no more than 2 guests on a given visit. When bouldering, only one guest may be on the wall at a time. Bouldering-only members must have visited and climbed at The Reach 3 times before they can supervise guests.

There is no entry fee for a supervising member, since they cannot leave the floor.

Click on the form image below to complete the supervised guest climber form - it will open in a new tab. The completed form (once you have clicked the link in the confirmation email) will be available at the Reach reception.

Terms & conditions

Book a lesson for yourself, to give you the skills to supervise your own children:

 Learning how to climb without ropes 

 Learning roped climbing skills 

Alternatively, book your child or children onto a session supervised by an instructor:

 In a group with other U18s 

 As a private session 

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